From our childhood days everyone of us has been taught that nothing is impossible and it is true .So dream as wild as you can .These dreams are the spiritual fuel that ignites one to limits that are required to achieve what you want in life. The journey begins with a college degree but for some people path can be entirely different. I am talking about normal cases. Loans come into picture at this stage. For some people it is before college and for some it is after college. There are cases like those who need not to take loans but everyone is not that lucky.

This loan is a very unpredictable thing for your life. For some it is life changing like do wonderful things to their life and for some it may be another misery to their lives. But it is always in your hands to choose that on which side you stay. People who make most out of these loans are wonderful planners. They plan about each step before and after loan. But everyone is not that gifted .So for guys who have taken loan or borrowed money and facing trouble in returning money I have some suggestions to give. Now we will analyze this problem analytically. We have situation that we have to pay back money to someone and either there is no source of income generation or a limited source. So answer to this problem is to create another source of money which can increase your income. It seems very simple that you will take up some job and it will be sufficient. if you feel this way then you are wrong my friend. Each job at the present time has limited scope of payment.

You need to find how much that job pays you. If does not fulfils the requirement you have to take one more job and so on But multiple job doing is not possible in case of field jobs that is jobs which can be done only by going to that particular place. So solution to this problem is internet jobs. Here you can take as much jobs as you want. Based on my experience I will suggest you jobs plus estimated time to achieve a certain amount of money per month.

Firstly you can start up with on-line article writing. with this you can make around 200USD around the month after an effort of two month.

Secondly you can be business affiliate for various products More you sell more you make. You can take about 500USD from this in a month after a month’s time. Then you can go for you tube it can pay you handsomely with a little creativity to about 500USD to 10000USD. But income comes after a time investment of two years. You can also go for on-line teaching. lf you Google more then you will find many more options But remember if you want money from these things then you have to put your effort religiously .